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Autor katrin lawson am 06. Oktober 2009
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Dear Herr Ude,

in your themen Touristik' could be added.

We travelled to Munich and went to Oktoberfest this week. Munich and Bavaria are beautiful. You have a wonderful city. However, especially with small children, we found Oktoberfest poorly managed. Broken glass littered the ground in many areas which is very dangerous. Why not forbid glass leaving the tents? There seems also to be no control as to how many people are allowed on the site. There were many moments when we could not move and I felt this was very dangerous. Even moving with a baby buggy was simply impossible.

We travelled to Oktoberfest many years ago - it was better. Now it seems like a brutish event ringed with armoured police vehicles. Is it necessary to have the event so? It is simply now a drinking frenzy. Families are probably now not so keen to attend. I know it could be better.

best wishes from Canada,
Katrin Lawson.


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