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Autor Arto Sepänmaa am 16. Juni 2009
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Umwelt und Gesundheit

Kombi power plants

Sehr geehrter Herr Ude,

I'm happy to see central European towns to invest in higher efficiency power generation.

This technology has been in use in Finnland several decades in coal energy plants as well as in wood chip and peat burning power plants.

I'm enclosing here a link of Helsingin Energia power generation as they have sites in English too:

This power plant has been built year 1984 to use coal in electricity and heat energy production. It offers also centraliced cooling for summer use with higher efficiency that can be realized with discrete devices for each house.

Outside Helsinki area most kombi power plants use local wood and peat for power generation as this will better close the CO2-circulation. This is the common technology in most of over 20 000 people cities - and in many smaller ones too.

Can this soon be the common way in central European power genation too?



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