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Autor Nirit Yai am 29. April 2011
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1972 Munich Olympics monument

Dear Mr Ude,

Recently I have decided to visit in the monument for the athletes of the Israeli 1972 Olympic Team in Munich.

So I went and saw the monument. All the names are there written in Hebrew, all the monument explanation is there written in German and I read everything and understood.
So a thought crossed my mind and I'd like to hear your opinion on it.

Let us assume for a second you were a tourist that just arrived to a monument reminding of something that has a connection to your people. All the description is written in let's say Chinese or ancient Egyptian letters. The names are perfectly spelled in your mother tongue - would that really help you get informed of what happened at this place?

Or, even more interesting, let's say you are a European tourist that arrives to a monument speaking about a tragedy that happened. The description is written entirely in Chinese and the names of the people involved are spelled out perfectly in ancient Egyptian letters... would you even be able to guess what the purpose of that monument could be?

So that raised a question in me and startled me, to be honest. For what exactly was that monument designed? to help to do what? Is it for Germans, would they be able to read the Hebrew names? Is it for Israelis, will they be able to read the German description? Worse, would any non-German-non-Israeli get anything out of it without help?

I was lucky to know both languages well enough to grasp what it is about. For most visitors however I am sure you agree with me that it would enhance their experience if you can help them even better understand what happened. What are your thoughts about that and what needs to happen so you can take action and improve the great memorial? For me as an Israeli Engineer who works for a German company, recently got married to a German and learned to love this country and the German people of today, it will be a delight to see that there can be something done about this.

Living here I learned to love the German people of today and the way you take responsibility for and deal with the past. So I was pretty astounded to see a memorial that might to an evil meaning person give the false suggestion that something is being covered up here. We know that is not the case, I am just saying it might give this impression....

Sincerely yours,
Nirit Yai


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